Chlöe Performs "Have Mercy" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

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  • MTV
    MTV15 дзён таму

    Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut:

  • Mistress Bayonetta

    Mistress Bayonetta

    Дзень таму

    Y'all better give Tinashe to perform next year!!!

  • Darryl Williams

    Darryl Williams

    2 дні таму

    Background dancer with the fro stole the whole show for me. 😮

  • Paula’s Universe *

    Paula’s Universe *

    4 дні таму

    @Bee The Socialite It’s an insult to state that Beyoncé embodies Prince or MJ. Prince was a musical genius and multi-instrumentalist who stated that he was surprised that Beyoncé even knew basic musical chords. 🤣🤣

  • HSH


    6 дзён таму

    @Mariah Campbell agreed

  • Savannah Yemane

    Savannah Yemane

    8 дзён таму

    Wow she did that!! Go Chole!!

  • Rebecca Elaine
    Rebecca Elaine52 хвіліны таму

    Why is no one talking about the fact that she literally summoned a demon

  • Nd O
    Nd OГодину таму

    I love chloe. Love her energy, esp in this performance. Her voice is jus insane. She has been waiting to bust out for YEARS but didnt do too much out of respect for her amazing sister and their duo. That said...this performance was good but her movements are a bit awkward. Esp the focus on her ass. I dont mind sexualized chloe...just sell it with a little more gravitas. This wasnt as convincing. Also, I'm getting rock vibes from her. Seeing her perform "poppy flower" with her sister told me thats the sound where her heart was at. She gives me live band sound

  • Lyric Spencer
    Lyric Spencer 2 години таму

    Why not just really go for it and give head right on stage? You know? Just really bring it!

  • Leighton Kenneth Long
    Leighton Kenneth Long2 години таму

    Full on witch craft lol jk

  • maria isabel jamillo roldan
    maria isabel jamillo roldan2 години таму

    The intro looked scary

  • Crislaine Dutra
    Crislaine Dutra4 години таму

    So faltou meter um remix de alguma outra música no meio 😂

  • Elissya Bar-EL
    Elissya Bar-EL5 годин таму


  • JesusAboveAll
    JesusAboveAll5 годин таму

    so yeah her tampon was out the whole time so sad for her

  • It’s Whatever
    It’s Whatever5 годин таму

    Why are people upset when someone says she pre recorded her voice? It’s still her voice👍🏾she can sing, it’s just not possible to be swinging your neck back and forth like that and hold the same note flawlessly. Unless this woman was with Tanjiro at the Butterfly Mansion perfecting Constant Full Concentration Breathing, it ain’t happening🤷🏾‍♀️ She still has a beautiful voice.

  • D'Negrio Discusses TV
    D'Negrio Discusses TV5 годин таму

    She sounds just like beyonce...

  • Splashy Bae
    Splashy Bae6 годин таму

    Her performance gave me chills down my spine

  • Shelby Hart
    Shelby Hart6 годин таму

    does anyone know what kind of garder belts those are?

  • Magui Magui
    Magui Magui7 годин таму

    Do it like it sho bday

  • Keisha Willingham
    Keisha Willingham8 годин таму

    She is sooo AMAZING 👑🖤🖤👑🥰😍😍👑🥰👑😘🥰🖤😍🖤🥰👑

  • Nysean
    Nysean9 годин таму

    “she’s performing a ritual “ y’all do know it’s almost halloween time, right?

  • Christianna Mareus
    Christianna Mareus10 годин таму

    She’s literally giving Shasha fierce

  • Zachary Denny
    Zachary Denny10 годин таму

    Her voice control is so impressive. Let’s not forget HER ENERGY. Holy f*** 🔥 this is everything.

  • Kelly Vesey
    Kelly Vesey11 годин таму

    I love watching you Entertaining!!!! Love Kelly I'm a Fan!!!!

  • Gurl M
    Gurl M13 годин таму

    Sell sex is her driving force for success & fame exposure, SAD & EVIL INDUSTRY

  • sxylvnys
    sxylvnys14 годин таму

    She is a demon

  • ThatgirlJo
    ThatgirlJo17 годин таму

    This child has wanted to be Beyonce since...forever! Do your thing Chile..

  • melanie Brown
    melanie Brown17 годин таму

    i miss janet Jackson!! im mean chole is Talented.. but when you know you're a real talented artists.. you don't need to expose so much skin.. ijs.. lets dress n redo . then view this again..

  • maneater


    16 годин таму

    go watch janet jackson’s performances then

  • Michaela Hooks
    Michaela Hooks18 годин таму

    She bodied that yessssss queen

  • Mickey Jean
    Mickey Jean19 годин таму


  • Ranae Horton
    Ranae Horton19 годин таму

    I see my black queens

  • Miss Mc Intosh
    Miss Mc Intosh19 годин таму

    Love it I got goosebumps

  • vantelovie
    vantelovie19 годин таму

    isso sim é uma apresentação digna de vma

  • Tiara D.
    Tiara D.20 годин таму

    💜 Chloe

  • Grace Sarfowaa
    Grace Sarfowaa21 годину таму

    2:38 Myself & the audience: yaaayesss! 💥💥💥

  • Ana Barros
    Ana Barros21 годину таму

    A melhor da noite.

  • Lihle Nombula
    Lihle Nombula21 годину таму

    they did her wrong though in the thumbnail 😭😭

  • Mimi G
    Mimi G21 годину таму

    Not another naked azz over specialized female!?! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Can anyone just be talented these days?

  • maneater


    16 годин таму

    chlöe is EXTREMELY talented.. have you not heard of her due chlöe and halle? educate yourself chile

  • pedro guevara

    pedro guevara

    17 годин таму

    She's clearly talented

  • Roxana Torres
    Roxana Torres23 години таму

    This is sorta scary...idk something about it...the vibe was lowkey demonic. I almost dont want to comment this because I dont want hate but my spirit is telling me to say it so here it is....

  • Nia Dawn
    Nia DawnДзень таму

    And I knew my baby would kill it like this

  • Evelyn Ramirez-Agosto
    Evelyn Ramirez-AgostoДзень таму

    Why did she look like she’s imitating Beyoncé??? Is it just me?

  • Nahje Chambers
    Nahje ChambersДзень таму

    Her tampon came out

  • jordan
    jordanДзень таму

    I don’t know if the Beyoncé resemblance is a good or bad thing but that girl has too much talent to be someone’s copy cat.

  • Asia Hill
    Asia HillДзень таму

  • msh lfh
    msh lfhДзень таму

    Y’all don’t get me wrong but this is getting a bit boring. Nowadays most main stream black female Artists have the same type of performances (I hope you know what I mean). Talented they are. Don’t get me wrong. But this ain’t it (DONT BASH ME. THIS IS MY OPINION AND IM ENTITLED TO HAVE ONE)

  • NaniSAMA
    NaniSAMAДзень таму

    Loveeeee the beginning 😍😍😍

  • VegasCheapTickets. com
    VegasCheapTickets. comДзень таму

    its like she mopped beyonces sweat off stage and drank it. She was fierce

  • Lusee A
    Lusee AДзень таму


  • Francilia Oliveira Silva
    Francilia Oliveira SilvaДзень таму

    Chloe já é sucesso🥰🥰🥰já virei fã

  • Zhorion Gipson
    Zhorion GipsonДзень таму

    The ending was a little unnecessary and raunchy! Beyonce' would never...not to compare them!

  • Bronx-Cali Zoo
    Bronx-Cali ZooДзень таму

    Nice song but why I thought it was Beyonce singing?

  • Felish Rodrigs
    Felish RodrigsДзень таму

    Chloe is definitely influenced by Beyonce, but other great artists as well. The biggest difference is that Chloe produces and writes her own songs.... So she's also in a different category of Beyonce

  • CaSandra Anderson
    CaSandra AndersonДзень таму

    Well I like her can’t wait to c what’s nexts. Also hope she works with Megan, 💜😜

  • Kim Cooper B
    Kim Cooper BДзень таму

    How this get more views than the actual video 🤐😳

  • Lari Dias
    Lari DiasДзень таму

    Uma artista completa, canta, compõe, dança, produz e ainda e atriz ufffffaaaa

  • Daniel Lavigne
    Daniel LavigneДзень таму

    Cant appreciate this… from lyrics to her erotic moves… :( miss the Chloe that I’ve remembered.

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan HernandezДзень таму

    Satanic much?! Yall need to repent and return to Yahshua!

  • A & A play roblox

    A & A play roblox

    6 годин таму


  • HoiJahn !
    HoiJahn !Дзень таму

    watching chloe's hair flip arnd is also really satisfying to watch

  • Queen Deedee
    Queen DeedeeДзень таму

    Aww man they got her 💀

  • A & A play roblox

    A & A play roblox

    6 годин таму


  • Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

    Дзень таму


  • spill the tea

    spill the tea

    Дзень таму


  • ¡Skinny Cute Dominican Girl!
    ¡Skinny Cute Dominican Girl!Дзень таму

    She was thin as heck just last year!! She sound like Beyawnce gross!! I've never heard her song or anything. Pass

  • Mushroom Leader
    Mushroom LeaderДзень таму


  • Simaya Crosby
    Simaya CrosbyДзень таму

    Dang I got chills

  • KinectWars
    KinectWarsДзень таму

    The fact that’s she is singing live and sounds pretty great regardless how much she’s the giving, but she need to control herself she’s doing way too much

  • Alexis McIntosh
    Alexis McIntoshДзень таму

    0:36 That was a lil creepy when he said Lord have mercy, and after it sounded like she was thrown in the lake of🔥yeah I'm thinking waay too deep.

  • Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

    Дзень таму

    @spill the tea never apologize for being u

  • spill the tea

    spill the tea

    Дзень таму

    I was thinking the same thing, the beginning was good but like a little “demonic” I can’t explain it, but I really love her voice. (I Know people going come for me lol)

  • Sarah The Aquarian
    Sarah The AquarianДзень таму

    alhtough i love this song and her video, illuminati vibes espeically if working under beyonce... like the whole original vid gave me that vibe but especially this performance!!! i mean no hatred, its just kinda spooky to think about the satanic ritual thing...

  • spill the tea

    spill the tea

    Дзень таму

    FR! I was thinking the same thing especially the beginning like the intro like 0:36

  • hannah c
    hannah cДзень таму

    this is amazing. her vocal control is insane

  • drip king
    drip kingДзень таму

    The next beyonc3

  • tremayne parker
    tremayne parkerДзень таму

    Her vocals are amazing and she is clearly talented. But the need to oversexualize everything is ridiculous in todays culture.

  • spill the tea

    spill the tea

    Дзень таму

    Frrr good song but the but movements.. she is a good singer but that was a lot like in 2021 I wish people wouldn’t do this

  • Centro de Contol
    Centro de ContolДзень таму

    Con todo respeto a la gente que le gusta y toda la diversidad y aquellos que se retroalimentan de ello , esta persona estará por todo pero menos por talento , canta horrible , sus videos de teenager.suoer desafinado , su historia se me hace súper triste , sus papás evadieron su responsabilidad y autoridad y se quitó los genitales antes de llegar a la edad sexual , después de todo lo que se dice que pasó Britney Spears esta persona es el resultado de cien mil porquerías más de la industria , canta horrible

  • Kristy Field
    Kristy FieldДзень таму

    This is honeslty the greatest performance I have seen in a very long time from a new artist. She is beyond incredible

  • cakeisavegatable
    cakeisavegatableДзень таму

    00:02:23: Idk why but I LOVED that stomp. And the horror theme; instead of just singing about twerking she made it a true performance. I saw them as a duo in a relaxed, acoustic performance a few years ago and it was lovely. But I'm dying for the energy here


    1:51 1:53 I looooooove the face she made😫🤣🤣🤣❤

  • Victoria Erekosima
    Victoria ErekosimaДзень таму

    I think she might possibly be on molly here😂.

  • Emily Vera
    Emily VeraДзень таму

    Mi corazón casi no sale libre de esta.. que mujerón, talento, carisma, belleza, TODO y apenas es el comienzo prros.

  • Soul Mates
    Soul MatesДзень таму

    Excelente performance 🔥 🔥🔥

  • MayMilo Lm
    MayMilo LmДзень таму

    @3:06 her tampon😳😬

  • Jesse Garza
    Jesse GarzaДзень таму

    If you pause it anywhere between 0:39 and 0:42 her face seems to change almost to the appearance or possession of a demon 😈 🤔 🤷‍♂️

  • spill the tea

    spill the tea

    Дзень таму


  • John


    Дзень таму

    that's Sasha Fierce entering her lol

  • OnlyAmv90


    Дзень таму

    Shut up

  • Nathaniel lubra
    Nathaniel lubraДзень таму

    me: is that beyonce chloe: have mercy

  • Ruth-Ann Murray
    Ruth-Ann MurrayДзень таму

    I am super proud of her she has come from a far and I see greatness.

  • Jeremy Rock
    Jeremy RockДзень таму


  • QueenKelleyz
    QueenKelleyzДзень таму

    There can only be 1 beyonce, there was a lot of Beyonce vibes in this video with a touch of Meghan Thee Stallion.

  • Outta12
    Outta12Дзень таму

    Welp , we know that isn't pleasing to GOD.

  • Outta12
    Outta12Дзень таму

    Watch it without the sound. Looks crazy.

  • johny xciv
    johny xcivДзень таму

    sasha fierce possessed chloe in this performance its over*

  • Xavier Gonzales
    Xavier GonzalesДзень таму

    Chloe Bailey is apart of illuminate and she sold her soul to the devil and please repent and turn to Jesus to be save and believe he died on the cross and risen from the dead and accept him as your lord and savior

  • Leo Empress
    Leo EmpressДзень таму

    Who gives af about strings. Girl your performance is lit 💯💁🏾‍♀️

  • Yamani Bryant-McCray
    Yamani Bryant-McCrayДзень таму

    3:16 till the end is where I LIVE her vocals there are just to amazing

  • Yamani Bryant-McCray
    Yamani Bryant-McCrayДзень таму

    This bih just laughed omg 🤣this woman was cutting tf up and i love it wow🔥

  • Beyond Denise
    Beyond DeniseДзень таму

    Her music is all good an all body shaped right but when she bent over I know damn well yall seen that tampon string hanging out lol

  • Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel
    Malcolm Blacc 2nd ChannelДзень таму

    I really wish they’d blur that tampon

  • Nxbula


    Дзень таму

    @Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel You _didn't_ use the word disturbing. Normally people blur something disturbing.

  • Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel

    Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel

    Дзень таму

    @Nxbula I’m aware. I don’t remember using the word disturbing

  • Nxbula


    Дзень таму

    It's just a tampon. There are more disturbing things to see, and that wasn't even disturbing.

  • Lucas Pavanelli
    Lucas PavanelliДзень таму

    Okay, we know what music will be playing at halloween (or at least should)

  • Miguel Bruno
    Miguel BrunoДзень таму

    Queen of this generation

  • Helena Johnson
    Helena JohnsonДзень таму

    She looked possessed

  • Abdul-Rahman Washington
    Abdul-Rahman WashingtonДзень таму

    1:23 - 1:33 On Repeat

  • Janina Segura
    Janina SeguraДзень таму

    Mtv antes eras chevere

  • luana yakini
    luana yakiniДзень таму

    Sasha?? Is that you?

  • K C
    K C2 дні таму

    I like Chloe but this performance was actually rather sloppy. She did not “stick” her moves, they weren’t crisp. Please stop the ohhh she ate, oh she’s iconic…ya doin’ too much.

  • Ryan Lauer

    Ryan Lauer

    Дзень таму

    Yes, some of her dancing wasn't "crisp" And I BET you it was nerves. You can tell she is excited ... it's her first SOLO performance. If this was her tenth time performing it and this was the result, I would understand Give her a break. She at least gave energy

  • Nxbula


    2 дні таму

    And that's where opinions come into play. "Please stop the ohhh she ate, oh she's iconic" Please dont tell people what to stop doing. If they like it, who're you to tell them NOT to like it?

  • tae ୨✩୧
    tae ୨✩୧2 дні таму

    her perfomance was the best of that night

  • Tammy Singleton
    Tammy Singleton2 дні таму

    I’m a fan of Chloe and . I am not a fan of Chloe X Halle All I can see and hear are Beyoncé influences.

  • Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel

    Malcolm Blacc 2nd Channel

    Дзень таму


  • Aizè Fitness
    Aizè Fitness2 дні таму


  • Osman Leonardo
    Osman Leonardo2 дні таму

    all the artists did a satanic ritual.

  • Nxbula


    2 дні таму