Lukashenko: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses the longtime leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, and the many reasons his country’s citizens have not to like him.

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  • FearNoFaith
    FearNoFaith33 хвіліны таму

    Enjoyed the Steven segal bit here are more memes.

  • sshaxy
    sshaxyГодину таму

    Anyone else not liking the audience laughter??? It’s soo … 1900s

  • Jasc Random
    Jasc RandomГодину таму

    14:18 This song actually slaps. Anyone know the Title?

  • Noone of Consequence
    Noone of Consequence2 години таму

    Honestly "that game" that you refer to at the beginning is really old and predictable and stupid... especially to someone who knows geography. Obviously that's Lithuania...

  • David Romney
    David Romney2 години таму

    I hope that those bears are union-made, by people earning a living wage! They were sold out before I got to the site... :-)

  • Cé cile
    Cé cile3 години таму

    I'm happy I found out you treated that subject. I'm particularly worried at the moment, as members of the band Irdorath were arrested and put in jail there for a while now. The birthday party of the lead singer was raided. The reason? They played music at peaceful protests last year, what encouraged other people to join. It's getting more real when you know people directly affected by this. I hope you'll sell/you sold all these teddy bears.

  • Geddy92
    Geddy924 години таму

    The Lukashenko-gifting food thing is actually very humble. I mean coming from a rather poor country, the most precious would be food. I actually like the idea a lot.

  • SpiderBat
    SpiderBat4 години таму

    The crowd laughing is extremly fucked up. There is almost nothing to laugh about.

  • f f
    f f5 годин таму

    I admire that bbc reporter. First of all, what an effective way to show the cruelness of the regime's actions against the press. Second of all, I think I can count myself lucky to look like that when I am over 60.

  • Rhonda DeJean
    Rhonda DeJean5 годин таму

    go home john, please

  • ernesto lomeli
    ernesto lomeli6 годин таму

    So what.. Merkel ruled germany for 25 years.. and Trudeau is gonna do the same.. who cares.

  • Professor Existential
    Professor Existential6 годин таму

    He is a socialist wet dream. He uses cancel culture to perfection and punishes people for hurting feelings. Meanwhile they have no unemployment, better free universal healthcare than Sweden, free education indulging university and gender equality, equal opportunity for all

  • Rachel Grig
    Rachel Grig6 годин таму

    The bears have sold out! Awesome!

  • Benjamin Pedersen
    Benjamin Pedersen6 годин таму

    Why won't USA not just liberate Belarus like they did with Afghanistan and Iraq?

  • andreas henatsch
    andreas henatsch9 годин таму

    Some people are just not cut out for democracy. So why don´t we let them enjoy their big brother ?

  • vahid moosavian
    vahid moosavian10 годин таму

    Funny, this reminds me of another "lifetime elected leader" that is peeved by another, honey-loving bear🙄

  • Yogsen Forfoth
    Yogsen Forfoth10 годин таму

    Good to see you back with a studio audience.

  • Elias Andrikopoulos
    Elias Andrikopoulos11 годин таму

    You're funny. You remind me of Groucho Marx. With glasses, fake eyebrows, fake nose and everything.😎

  • Knockda 8
    Knockda 812 годин таму

    This show is garbage why is it constantly 😒 promoted 🙄

  • MafiousBJ
    MafiousBJ12 годин таму

    Love your videos about despots from the ex Warsaw pact countries, I think they are finally starting to be noticed by the west becuase of their meme status this shows rightfully creates

  • Paul Freeman
    Paul Freeman13 годин таму

    All media is corrupt

  • Flo Rete
    Flo Rete14 годин таму

    6:48 I like the fact, that Seagal's glasses are matching the colour of the carrot. He did a good job there. Well, I guess, that is pretty much the only thing I like about Steven Seagal.

  • Alli Herrera
    Alli Herrera17 годин таму

    So fucking disappointed! I thought you were a real journalist! A real journalists would look into the facts! Stop talking about Michael Jackson if you aren’t going to do the right research just going to take the word of know liars as Bible. Oh wait I forget ur employed by hbo! The company that paid for a bias bs documentary to bring down a dead black man!

  • Maya Patel
    Maya Patel18 годин таму

    All the bears have sold out! Good job everyone!

    MARK YACONO20 годин таму

    I fell in love with Belarus thanks the youtube channel Bald and Bankrupt...Benjamin Rich did some great videos, especially the ones in the exclusion zone and traveling the country by train

  • Sharpy
    Sharpy20 годин таму

    Europe's Assad...

  • thanos koumpanis
    thanos koumpanis20 годин таму

    Socialist dictator... west take notes and stay away from the extreme left!!!

  • CH ii
    CH ii22 години таму

    ngl ... a parachuting teddy bear will definitely brighten up my day

  • Dylan Moss
    Dylan Moss23 години таму

    laughed even harder after i heard that one guy who groaned about the 9/11 joke

  • Julian Vicenzi
    Julian VicenziДзень таму

    my god he acts just like brazilian president bolsocaro

  • thegigantico
    thegiganticoДзень таму

    how did i get here what is this shit

  • Irina Gubko
    Irina GubkoДзень таму

    Lukashenko is supported by Putin

  • Fábio Castanheira
    Fábio CastanheiraДзень таму

    I can give you a politician that was for more than 3 decades in power. You can't assume politicians lose votes just based on the amount of time they are in power, they lose votes if they can't give the people what they want.

  • Ian Hernandez
    Ian HernandezДзень таму

    The lucky cell ordinarily perform because semicircle contextually pack at a drab shelf. overjoyed, concerned stool

  • Jan A. Kozák
    Jan A. KozákДзень таму

    When the USA downs a plane because they think Snowden is on it, it is OK, but when Belarus does the same it is suddenly a sign of totalitarianism...

  • Ben Norton
    Ben NortonДзень таму

    3:16 Roman Protasevich is a literal Nazi who wears Swastika t-shirts, appears in white supremacist magazines, and fought in the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion in Ukraine. Like usual, John Oliver is just doing information warfare on behalf of Western imperialism, helping the US and EU demonize and destabilize a country they have long targeted for regime change, so they can overthrow its independent government, private its industries and natural resources, impose neoliberal shock therapy, and incorporate Belarus into the NATO cartel.

  • Chuck Bouscaren
    Chuck BouscarenДзень таму

    Dear Katy Segal, I really like all of your work and I mean no disrespect to you personally, but your brother is a traitorous piece of shit.

  • A Aa
    A AaДзень таму

    Sanctions have never once worked, not once. Why do we keep punishing the people we are supposed to be protecting. Instead we should be rewarding those who stand against the government. Make the incentive for those who enforce these regimes be greater to stand against than enforce. I'd you take something from someone if just pisses them off and makes them refuse to help you, people will always work if they are compensated with a fair or generous wage.

  • Destined Queen
    Destined QueenДзень таму

    Except Michael Jackson wasn't an absolute monster. He was and is innocent. Ugh I hate the media.

  • Ooopiegoo Hurp

    Ooopiegoo Hurp

    15 годин таму

    so was O.J simpson....right?

  • William Walker
    William WalkerДзень таму

  • UpfulWarrior
    UpfulWarriorДзень таму

    Lukashenko had quite a year? Macron in France had quite a whole fuckin' mandate xD

  • Yasuhide Watanabe
    Yasuhide WatanabeДзень таму

    President Lukashenko’s policies are becoming insane, but a little bit better than North Korea. But what is ideal state for him? A woman athlete had fled to Poland from Tokyo Olympic Games, a civil aviation was captured to arrest anti-Lukashenko journalists, over 80% of voting rate for him nevertheless many protesters were surrounding the capital city Minsk. I can’t believe that.

  • Bodhi Spears
    Bodhi SpearsДзень таму

    The guy flying the airplane is a CIA spook trying to cause unrest.

  • Caesar Leni
    Caesar LeniДзень таму

    As a Ugandan, this story definitely resonates with me.... Same president for the past 3decades plagued with corruption, abuse of power, dictatorial tendencies,...etc!

  • Meris
    MerisДзень таму

    TBF I also start all of my emails with “Death to America,”

  • dieyng
    dieyngДзень таму

    In Lukashenko's defence, people in all countries starting with Poland and going east from there, believe that vodka can cure almost anything. ;-)

  • RamblingSailors
    RamblingSailorsДзень таму

    Lukashenko: I am the last true dictator in Europe! John: Weird flex.

  • Ayrton Ralph
    Ayrton RalphДзень таму

    Sad fact is nothing will be done. I use to always look at stupid revolution comments and be like what are you talking about. But no one can change this except the people and when forming groups is punished by jail and even death you can't really blame someone for backing down. They had a chance a year or two ago and didn't go through with it. America can't do anything because of Russia. All authoritian countries are doing the same now because it works, Russia, China, n korea

  • niddg viiut
    niddg viiutДзень таму

    Finally, an episode with subject that is not restrictly American. Been a while since they did one of those.

  • shohankazi
    shohankaziДзень таму

    ah yes a small doll costs 19$. welcome to america.

  • XDBugs
    XDBugsДзень таму

    Man it’s be a while

  • siggiesis
    siggiesisДзень таму

    Probably should have brought him a subscription to a toupee account.

  • siggiesis
    siggiesisДзень таму

    Lukasheko's hair meets climate change

  • niddg viiut

    niddg viiut

    Дзень таму

    that people get caught in the middle of like myself.

  • Nosfelicita
    NosfelicitaДзень таму

    Nothing on vaccine freedom? You agree with coercion ?

  • sby60118
    sby60118Дзень таму

    Wait, isn’t Alexander Lukashenko the name of a play with Lin manuel Miranda?

  • Walter Bigsby
    Walter BigsbyДзень таму

    US Foreign Policy Be like: Brutal European Dictatorship-----> Sanctions Slightly less democratic nations that are predominantly non-white and Muslim, also happen to have HUGE OIL RESERVES!!-----> Full out coalition invasion, corrupt puppet gov. installed, and indefinite military occupation and actions

  • Meister Broseidon
    Meister BroseidonДзень таму

    Cakes out.... lol

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn coseДзень таму

    haircut". I still respect the f*ck outta him for having the balls to go through with it. Funniest couple of days in my life, I mean no one could look at him and keep a straight face x

  • S L
    S LДзень таму

    that's funny look over the fence at some other political leader and call him incompetent and a life long politician with mental problems and a god complex.

  • MB Taber
    MB TaberДзень таму

    04:54 Side shot of Lukashenko looks like a microcephaly case.

  • Analisa Digati
    Analisa DigatiДзень таму

    Just unboxed my Bear Force member today, fuck Lukashenko.

  • Analisa Digati

    Analisa Digati

    Дзень таму

    @abbsnn cose what?

  • abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cose

    Дзень таму

    I like how every black man in America ALWAYS have thier reputations damaged through some "allergations". Funny how it never happens to white people

  • Peter Kistler
    Peter KistlerДзень таму

    Who's here from Zak George's Dog Training playlist?

  • Water is wet
    Water is wetДзень таму

    It would be funny if a russian news talk show host does something like this in 2022 election and Trump gets elected. :-D

  • Yura Z_Mensky
    Yura Z_Mensky2 дні таму

    Жыве Беларусь!

  • Rolandas
    Rolandas2 дні таму

    Thanks for putting Lithuania on a map.

  • Ask Why
    Ask Why2 дні таму

    They're coming after Alexander Lukashenko because: Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said the World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus: • imposed “extreme lockdown on his people” • force them to wear face masks • impose very strict curfews • impose a police state • crash the economy - Advertisement - Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko refused the offer and stated that he could not accept such an offer and would put his people above the needs of the IMF and World Bank. This fact can be verified using most search engines.

  • Aubin Lemar
    Aubin Lemar2 дні таму

    I'd like to see him do an episode about road tolls. I'm sure there's a lot of interesting information they could be dug up on them, and he could make an example of the grey areas that people get caught in the middle of like myself.

  • gioyu comi

    gioyu comi

    14 годин таму

    with the same exact situation working with her. Those three women won the actual national election with over 80% of people supporting them. Insanely brave.

  • Brian Gibson
    Brian Gibson2 дні таму

    Finally john has returned from the eternal white void

  • EmiliaBRodrigues
    EmiliaBRodrigues2 дні таму

    You all laughing about the naked tortured man: maybe he DID need to that so you can get his message. I'm a lesbian woman leaving under Bolsonaro's government! We are dying and desperate.

  • Aliaksandr U. Damienikan
    Aliaksandr U. Damienikan2 дні таму

    Great stuff. Thanks from a Belarusian

  • FullMetalPower7
    FullMetalPower72 дні таму

    so you gonna diss MJ like that ...huh!!

  • Barbara Lachance
    Barbara Lachance2 дні таму

    Love the fact that the Teddy 🧸 bears are sold out 😂

  • G. Smith
    G. Smith2 дні таму

    Wish you'd finally talk about political prisoner Julian Assange, who's been locked away in a UK prison for years without conviction.

  • MC
    MC2 дні таму

    I love John Oliver, but he really is a whining twat machine

  • Thato Modisane
    Thato Modisane2 дні таму

    I like how every black man in America ALWAYS have thier reputations damaged through some "allergations". Funny how it never happens to white people

  • Traveler Through the Internet

    Traveler Through the Internet

    Дзень таму

    It has happened to white people though

  • Maria Thomas
    Maria Thomas2 дні таму

    I have bigger problems

  • Omar Gamal
    Omar Gamal2 дні таму

    i dont know what that says about us but i was thinking the entire time he is not as crazy as the egyptian president. also 11 years in prison, that is so nice of him. in egypt dissidents get the standard 30 years or death penalty. that's how real dictators do it. i know it is sad but it felt like a tuesday.

  • Omar Gamal
    Omar Gamal2 дні таму

    yeah why dont we parachute teddy bears more often

  • Amber J
    Amber J2 дні таму

    I still have family in (Minsk) Belarus, and I often wonder if any of them are still alive.

  • Дониер Эргашев
    Дониер Эргашев2 дні таму

    20 bucks for bear, are you on crack? I get the charity but still take it easy

  • Jiri M

    Jiri M

    2 дні таму

    @Дониер Эргашев не, я просто расценки местные знаю. Комбо из бургера, картошки и колы минимум 10 бачей будет стоить.

  • Дониер Эргашев

    Дониер Эргашев

    2 дні таму

    @Jiri M жрешь много

  • Jiri M

    Jiri M

    2 дні таму

    2 раза в макдак сходить

  • Henas GD
    Henas GD2 дні таму

    Lukashenkoff das ist DEBIL

  • WillTell
    WillTell2 дні таму

    Oi, the game is all fine and dandy until you name my country belarus - you've gone too far!

  • Hunter Buy my paintings Den
    Hunter Buy my paintings Den2 дні таму

    So is John pushing baseless voter fraud accusations in a foreign country?

  • draleb
    draleb2 дні таму

    UK emigrant, currently located in USA slandering other countries, pretending to be democrat. Really? Try to clean your own backyard, mate.

  • Mihaly Tar
    Mihaly Tar2 дні таму

    Did he just say antisemitism was never acceptable? is has been the norm for milenia literally thousands of years. for no reason obviously.

  • De Realest
    De Realest2 дні таму

    John don’t disrespect MJ! He’s a legend, no one knows you. I try sharing your content, but most times I get asked “Who’s John Oliver??”

  • Sad Panda
    Sad Panda2 дні таму

    I think the real reason Oliver was criticising that naked dude was potential competition. The market for British journalists going to absurd lengths to demonstrate how awful the world still is is a niche one. Will the same number of people buy HBO Max subscriptions if the BBC is providing naked dudes for less?!

  • DrM3
    DrM32 дні таму

    Nancy Pelosi should be arrested for insider trading

  • Dmitrijs
    Dmitrijs2 дні таму

    @LastWeekTonight How about telling whole world that nearby country from EU named Latvia have 2 types of citizenship status, ones are normal citizens and others are 'Aliens', its literally is being written in the passport: Alien's Passport. those people has limited rights, does not have voting rights or can not be elected and its 10,1% of total population of Latvia... If you talk about human rights, lets' start with EU first, since it is happening for 30 years now and none in EU cares!

  • Rin Rin
    Rin Rin3 дні таму

    John 🔥🔥

  • TheHylianBatman
    TheHylianBatman3 дні таму

    I didn't know he was back in the studio! That makes me very happy!

  • Goofle+
    Goofle+3 дні таму

    There's no way in hell 4 million people have watched this.

  • Raymond Khozanai Mlambo
    Raymond Khozanai Mlambo3 дні таму


  • robbie donaldson
    robbie donaldson3 дні таму

    when you google the "Belarus bear force" does anyone else see some bible verse then a bunch of weird stuff about not believing in getting sick or preexisting conditions?

  • Andrew Weaver
    Andrew Weaver3 дні таму

    Woke up to a delivery this morning... Guess I ordered this 1/10,000 teddy bears whilst watching this episode drunk the other week. I'm not mad about it...

  • dkaoboy
    dkaoboy3 дні таму


  • jeremyjw
    jeremyjw3 дні таму

    we're done with Afghanistan let's do Belarus now